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About Cross Safe

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cross Safe offers managed traffic control and school crossing guard services.  Corporate administrative functions are housed at the headquarters office while regional and local offices provide hands-on management of local service operations.

Founded in 1994 in Charlotte, North Carolina, with just a few employees and one customer, Cross Safe’s parent company Park Inc. has expanded to over 75 operations, with more than 400 employees. Founder Brian Haupricht remains the company’s chief executive officer and its principal shareholder.

From its initial concentration on valet parking, the company has developed a full range of services, including crossing guards, traffic controlling, large-scale garage management, surface lot operation, shuttle bus services, and consultation.

The company owes its success to a strong customer service program developed through extensive employee training that is reinforced daily in local operations. The company differentiates itself from its industry peers by its high level of service and professionalism.  We strive to create an outstanding guest experience for our clients and their customers – each and every time.

Quality Values

Cross Safe takes a very proactive, hands-on approach in day to day management with an understanding that our employees are the most important factor in providing an outstanding customer experience.  It begins in our recruiting process as we work diligently to procure candidates with a background in customer service.  We then provide a detailed orientation where clear expectations are set related to:

We have created a culture at Cross Safe where our core values guide the services we provide every day.  Those core values include:

We strive to ensure these core values are embraced by each of our employees and exemplified in the service we provide.

Cross Safe Mission Statement

We are committed to a partnership with our clients by providing efficient and convenient crossing guard and traffic control services, focused on adaptability and responsiveness to our customers’ needs.  Through the application of innovative solutions, we offer a diverse range of service amenities with dedication and integrity.  We are committed to supporting activities that enhance and service the communities in which we operate.

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Let us handle your personnel recruitment, background checks, human resource and payroll services, along with site safety inspections, staff training and supervision, and effective communications with each school.