Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cross Safe employees wear uniforms?

All Cross Safe employees will be attired in standardized uniforms for easy identification.  All employees will maintain a clean and presentable appearance.  Employee uniform standards include:

What sort of training do Cross Safe crossing guards receive?

Cross Safe has continued to improve upon our Crossing Guard system.  We have developed a crossing guard specific training program that each crossing guard must attend which consists of:

  • Customer service
  • Safety, rules, & regulations
  • State mandated crossing guard guidelines
  • Site orientation

What sort of training do Cross Safe supervisors receive?

All supervisory personnel attend a 3 day educational conference in Charlotte each summer to improve company and industry best practices in the areas of Human Resources, Parking Management, Safety, Compliance, Problem Solving, Accounting, and to enhance lines of communication with their peers in the company.

How does Cross Safe ensure that the ongoing quality of services delivered is maintained at a high level?

We use several methods of evaluation that include the following:

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