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Multi-use venues — arenas, stadiums, racetracks, fairgrounds, and convention centers that hold sporting events, concerts, festivals, and conventions all have one thing in common: large crowds of people and vehicles. A predictable part of your event’s cost is connected to managing crowds entering or exiting parking areas near the event.

Keeping attendees safe while also managing the flow of traffic entering and exiting your venue’s parking area can be a challenge without well-trained, yet affordable, traffic control personnel.

Out-sourcing this portion of event safety to Cross Safe allows the Police Department to focus on their day to day operations, without having to assign a sworn officer responsibility to oversee traffic control and crowd crossing control. In addition, should police officers need to cover essential policing duties during the event, crossing areas are not left unattended.

Cross Safe helps you plan for traffic control and can cover set up and day of event activities, as well as any requirements for traffic control associated with event closing and tear-down.

Cross Safe provides traffic control services for public sporting events, concerts, festivals, and conventions at all types of permanent, multi-use venues including:

Traffic Control Professionalism Starts with Training, Uniforms

All Cross Safe traffic control personnel wear company issued and required uniforms while on the job. This helps identify them as professionals, reducing risks for drivers and pedestrians.

Cross Safe maintains comprehensive General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation coverage protecting both our clients and our employees.

Hiring traffic and crowd control professionals only works if they are reliably in the right place at the right time.

Cross Safe’s advanced, real-time GPS-based time and attendance system notifies an account manager as our employees enter or leave the job site. This system allows a manager to immediately identify and address any unattended posts.

Let our professionals help you craft the ideal parking and traffic control management solution for your venue.

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